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Our maintenance plan puts your website in the hands of experts, while you get on with running your business. This plan provides strong foundations for any website, ensuring you make a great impression with your customers.


$99 per month
  • Premium hosting
  • Daily and on-demand backups
  • Software updates
  • Blazing fast load times
  • Bulletproof security
  • Comprehensive analytics
  • Monthly reports
  • Personalised support

Yearly - get one month FREE!

$1089 per year
  • Premium hosting
  • Daily and on-demand backups
  • Software updates
  • Blazing fast load times
  • Bulletproof security
  • Comprehensive Analytics
  • Monthly reports
  • Personalised support
  • Get one month FREE!

See what's included in our comprehensive plan

Website, DNS and email Hosting

Our hosting and maintenance plan includes first class hosting on a specialised WordPress platform. We will migrate your site to this platform.
We will manage your DNS (domain name) and email.

One full email account, with webmail and IMAP, is included along with unlimited forwarding addresses. For organisations with more complex email needs, we recommend Google’s GSuite for Business, and are able to assist you in setting this up.

WordPress configuration review

We will review your website's configuration and setup and ensure that your core website settings follow established best practices for performance, security, and more.

Backups and emergency recovery

Our hosting platform includes automatic daily backups with one-click restore. We can also perform as-needed backups, for instance before a major change to your website.

In case of website failure, emergency recovery will be performed as soon as possible during during business hours. Out-of-hours recovery is available at our consulting rates.

Development and staging environments

We can create “development” and “staging” environments so that any major changes to your website do not affect the live site. You can work on changes, review them, then launch them without downtime or visible disruption to your customers.

Software updates

We provide regular updates for:

  • WordPress core software
  • PHP
  • Plugins
  • Themes

Software will generally be updated at least weekly. We will make a best-effort attempt to provide critical updates on a next-business-day basis.

If any of your software (eg. plugins) are unmaintained by its author, or if we become aware of a security risk for which there is no software update available, we will inform you and, with your permission, remove the software in question. Note that this may result in reduced functionality; replacement of this functionality is not included in your maintenance plan, but such work can be done on a consulting basis.

We will provide simple, understandable reports explaining what software updates have been performed each month.

Performance and uptime

We will configure caching and a content delivery network to speed your site's load time. Websites moved to our hosting typically load a few seconds faster than on commodity hosting.

We will monitor your site's uptime and let you know if there is any substantial outage. Websites that we host typically have 100% uptime in any given month, while those sites we monitor on commodity hosting often have multiple outages. (Note: uptime is dependent on a wide range of factors, and is not guaranteed.)

We will also monitor the speed of your site (how long it takes for it to load in a visitor's web browser) and let you know if your site is slow and may be affecting your business.

Security and anti-spam

We will review your site's security, offer recommendations for improvement, and undertake basic security measures such as removing unneeded user accounts, plugins and themes.

Our hosting includes industry standard security software which offers malware scanning and detection, a firewall, and notifications of possible security risks. In case of security issues, we can restore your site and apply fixes to prevent future infection.

We also configure your website to minimise spam received through comments, contact forms, and other means.


We will set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console for your website. If you already have Analytics and/or Search Console we will review the configuration and make sure it's all set up correctly.

We will add an analytics dashboard to your WordPress dashboard so you can see it whenever you log in. We will also report on your website’s traffic via email.

We review your analytics monthly and contact you if we have any concerns or suggestions.


We send you regular reports by email, including:

  • Software upgrades performed
  • Changes to your website (new users, pages, etc)
  • Uptime and outages
  • Traffic report from Google Analytics

We are available via phone or email to assist you with technical support for your website. Examples of technical support include login or connection problems, broken elements on your website, error messages, slow loading pages, etc.

Support is included during our usual business hours. After hours, we are available on a consulting basis.


The following activities are not included under your WordPress maintenance plan, but please get in touch if you’d like us to quote you on this kind of work.

  • Visual and graphic design
  • Content creation or updates
  • Installation and configuration of new plugins
  • Custom WordPress, theme or plugin code
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Social media integration and management
  • Digital strategy consulting

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