Why do you have a website?  How does it help your business reach its goals?

Strategy workshops

I can work with you or your team to develop a digital strategy for your business or nonprofit.

  • Understand your online mission and develop SMART goals for your website, social media, and other digital channels.
  • Research your audience, build personas, and understand how to reach them.
  • Put together the jigsaw pieces – website, social, email, SEO, advertising, and more – to help build a cohesive online strategy.

Manage your digital project

Most small to medium businesses work with a variety of consultants to build their online presence. I can help manage this process to tie together technical infrastructure, content creation, graphics and branding, and other skills.

  • Develop a project plan and understand what skills are needed to get the job done.
  • Recruit contractors or employees to fill out your digital team.
  • Document requirements and communicate between all the players – translating from technical to non-technical as needed.

Regular digital health checks

It’s a fast-changing world and you can’t let your online presence stagnate.  You need to check that you’re on track to meet your goals.

  • Reporting on digital KPIs, from brand awareness and search engine visibility to online sales.
  • Review your current digital efforts and optimise them for better results.
  • Make website maintenance and improvement an ongoing process, not a traumatic once-a-decade experience.

I can help you reach your digital goals

Contact me to discuss how we can work together.

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