About this project

The Ballarat Permaculture Guild is a not-for-profit community group committed to creating a positive, sustainable future through permaculture. We initially engaged with them for a digital strategy consultation, then entered into a broader project to overhaul their online presence and management processes, from document sharing to membership management.

For their website project, we migrated them to WordPress from a legacy system. The new website includes:

  • Streamlined information architecture
  • Online membership and renewals
  • Events integration from Eventbrite
  • Social media and email marketing integration

For the membership functionality, we used S2 Member, setting up 12 levels of membership, including annual and recurring memberships. In the process, we imported the membership data from the Guild’s spreadsheet into S2 Member, which involved a fair amount of data processing.

The membership component of the website is mainly used for the online collection of membership fees for the Guild, replacing the previous paper-based process. Members are also able to view the Guild Committee’s Minutes via the Members’ Portal on the website.

To integrate the Eventbrite events with the Guild website we used the Eventbrite API plugin with some custom coding to improve how the events displayed on the page.

We also provided training to their committee members in using WordPress to promote their activities, and we offer ongoing maintenance for their website.

The resulting website showcases the Ballarat Permaculture Guild’s local activities, as well as promoting the benefits and processes of permaculture to existing and potential members.