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Website Wednesdays: Facebook – Friend or Foe?

By Alex / May 9, 2019

If you’ve been paying attention to the media over the last couple of years, you’ll have heard plenty about Facebook. You’ll have heard that they’ve had massive security breaches, they’re implicated in election fraud, that they unethically experimented on users to make them feel bad, that they practice political censorship, that their ad targeting is discriminatory, that they ban user accounts for spurious reasons with no appeal, that they condone and even cause hate and violence, or that even as…

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Why you need a website, not just a Facebook page

By Dorothy Krajewski / May 6, 2019

Does your business have a website? With the ubiquity of social media in our lives, it is very tempting for business owners to put all their marketing eggs in the Facebook or Instagram basket. During some recent market research, we found a huge percentage of businesses in certain industries relying completely on their Facebook pages for their online presence instead of a website that they actually own. The dangers of relying on Facebook When Facebook first introduced business and community…

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What Are Website Analytics and Why Should You Care?

By Alex / April 23, 2019

We talk a lot about analytics here at Flax Digital, and it’s something we care about a lot. But what’s the big deal? Is it something you actually have to worry about, or just nerd stuff? Making good business decisions Every business has questions like: Is our advertising working?’ Which social media should we focus on? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…? Do we need a website refresh? Is our online store making a profit? What’s our quarter on quarter growth? Why’s business…

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Website Wednesday: SEO Basics

By Dorothy Krajewski / April 8, 2019

If you’ve been looking for some SEO training in the Ballarat area, on May 1st, Flax Digital will be holding its second Website Wednesday event on the topic of “SEO Basics”. Firstly, what is SEO? It stands for Search Engine Optimisation and it’s the process of making your website search engine friendly, so that the people who need to find you are able to do so easily and quickly. Our Website Wednesday workshop will help you to navigate the world…

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wordpress management contracts

Take a look at some of our recent work

By Alex / March 18, 2019

We wanted to show off a few of our recent projects. We’re proud and happy to be working with each of these fantastic clients, from Ballarat small businesses to international philanthropic foundations. At the end of last year, we helped the US-based Roddenberry Foundation migrate four websites into one, in a tight four week time-frame right before Christmas. Check out the case study to see what we did for them, or take a look at their new site. Karen Hovenga…

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digital decluttering

Website Wednesday: Declutter Your Digital Life

By Alex / March 12, 2019

On April 3rd, Flax Digital will be holding its first Website Wednesday event. The topic will be “Declutter your digital life”. If you’ve watched Marie Kondo’s series on Netflix, or read her book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” you’ll be familiar with the idea of looking at everything you have and considering which items “spark joy”.   For many website owners and small businesses, their online presence certainly¬†doesn’t spark joy. Instead it can bring feelings of overwhelm, confusion, or…

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Announcing Website Wednesdays

By Alex / February 28, 2019

People have been asking us for a long time when we’re going to start offering website training or digital strategy workshops. Turns out the answer is: April, 2019! We’re pleased to announce a new series of intimate workshops for small businesses and nonprofits who want to get a better handle on their online presence. On the first Wednesday of each month, we’ll be gathering at the fabulous Platypus Coworking space on Lydiard Street, Ballarat, to share lunch and discuss topics…

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Beware of SEO link schemes and low quality directories

PHP 7.2 update for all WordPress maintenance clients

By Alex / December 5, 2018

PHP is the programming language that WordPress is written in. Every website we manage is built on PHP. The developers of this software have announced that as of today, versions of PHP older than 7.0 will not be receiving any updates, not even security patches. Old PHP versions mean your website could get hacked PHP 7.0 was released in December 2015 (3 years ago) and PHP 5.6, still used by many websites, was released in August 2014. If your website…

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Flax Digital - Website Summer Special

Small Business Summer Special

By Alex / December 3, 2018

Summer can be a quiet time for a lot of small businesses as our customers take time off work and go away on holidays. This also makes it an excellent time for you to work ON your business rather than IN your business, so activities such as business development and general house-keeping can finally take centre stage. This is the perfect time to get your bookkeeping up to date, develop new products or services, or get your digital marketing sorted…

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