Why you need a website, not just a Facebook page

Does your business have a website?

With the ubiquity of social media in our lives, it is very tempting for business owners to put all their marketing eggs in the Facebook or Instagram basket. During some recent market research, we found a huge percentage of businesses in certain industries relying completely on their Facebook pages for their online presence instead of a website that they actually own.

The dangers of relying on Facebook

When Facebook first introduced business and community pages, everyone was encouraged to create one as it was super easy to use them to reach our “fans’. Everyone who liked a page got to see whatever content was published on it.

As Facebook grew, however, and started to use monetisation strategies, its algorithm became more and more sophisticated and less and less page friendly. These days you’ll be lucky of your page’s posts are seen by 2% of your audience without some form of advertising.

Also, imagine what would happen if Facebook went away overnight. Or, as recently happened to one of our staff, your Facebook account was suspended for an undetermined period of time and you could no longer access your business pages. In fact, if you were the only page admin, your business page would immediately become unpublished.

Your website, your space, your decisions

A website gives your business an online presence independent of any social media monolith, it is something you own, and can do what you want with. Using good SEO strategies will make sure that your business is seen by your clients regardless of the Facebook algorithm.

Your website can be so much more than just an expensive online business card. It can be an online store, a news outlet and a community hub. You can post regular updates just like you do on social media by utilising your blog and email marketing tools. Building a community via regular email updates can be much more effective than relying on your updates being shown to your fans by the Facebook algorithm. Here at Flax Digital we particularly love Mailchimp for its ease of use and simple, yet effective functionality.

Future proof your online presence

Facebook may be quick and easy for now, but it’s not future-proof. No-one knows what will happen to Facebook or to your account tomorrow, but your website will be there as long as you want it and you will have total control over it.

If your business is currently relying on social media for its online presence, talk to us today about building your first website. Or if your website isn’t delivering you the clients you need for a viable business, let’s discuss how we can get them to find you with some great SEO strategies.

Dorothy Krajewski

Dorothy works at Flax Digital part-time, managing website maintenance and hosting, building websites, writing content and marketing events. She is also responsible for the day to day running of Ballarat Buzz. Dorothy has been creating online content for over 10 years and geeking out over websites since the 90s.

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