#flattenthecurve – Flax Digital faces COVID-19

Today the World Health Organisation declared that novel coronavirus, aka COVID-19, has officially reached pandemic status.

By now you’ve quite likely seen this graph, or something like it:

This chart shows COVID-19 infection rates over time, with and without isolation measures.

Early containment, largely through isolation and quarantine measures, slows down the virus enough that health services can cope. This in turn means that the mortality rate drops from around 4% to under 1%. (Read more about these figures.)

Flax Digital will be going 100% remote as of next week

As a tech-oriented business, we’re well positioned to work remotely. In fact, we do it every week (though not all week.) As a local business with local customers, and a strong connection to our community, we feel strongly that it’s best to reduce our contact with other people, and lead the way among local businesses.

What this means in real terms:

  • All client meetings will be held via phone or video conference (we’ll make sure this is as painless for our clients as possible.)
  • We won’t be attending networking events or other business events for the duration.
  • We’ll be postponing our one-day SEO training course for now; April is looking pretty iffy at the moment, so we’d rather just postpone this up-front than have to deal with last-minute cancellations and all the headaches they bring.
  • We’ll be working to create online spaces where Ballarat’s businesses and creative professionals can keep in touch, stay sane through the lockdown, help each other deal with the practicalities of remote work, and keep things ticking.
  • If any local business needs help with setting up their staff for remote work, I (Alex) will be offering remote support if needed. I’ll also be posting some resources here, so stay tuned.

Wishing the best of health to all our customers, supporters and local community!

— Alex


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Alex is the owner of Flax Digital, a website consulting agency based in Ballarat, Australia. Alex has over 20 years' experience developing websites and digital strategy for businesses and non-profits in Australia and internationally.

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