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Flax Digital are WordPress specialists. We do almost all our work with this amazing platform, because we think it’s the best there is for our customers – both here in Ballarat, and around the world.

WordPress powers more websites than any other platform

Not only does WordPress power 26% of the world’s websites, it’s used by some huge businesses, from the BBC to Time Magazine to Beyoncé! WordPress is a solution that will grow with you, no matter how big you are. With WordPress, you can:

  • collaborate with multiple users and teams
  • integrate with other business apps
  • deploy your site on enterprise-grade hosting
  • avoid lock-in with any single hosting provider or website developer

WordPress’s popularity means that resources are widely available online and in print. If you want to learn how to update the content on your website or add products to your online store, you can easily find a book or a Youtube video to guide you, or take a course – whichever way you learn best!

WordPress plays well with others

E-commerce? Appointment bookings? Customer relationship management? Your accounting system? No problem!

Because WordPress is so popular, it can integrate with many third-party apps. WordPress’s open plugin system also means that thousands of free or low-cost add-on apps are available for WordPress.

Some of Flax Digital’s projects have included:

  • Online learning management systems
  • Community forums
  • Membership management
  • Healthcare patient records integration
  • Integrated content marketing and social media management

WordPress gives you more than a brochure website – it can be a key part of your business’s customer acquisition and product delivery.

wordpress app integration

We can help you put the pieces together

WordPress follows best practices

With WordPress and its suite of plugins and themes, it’s no problem to make sure your site follows established best practices:

  • mobile friendliness
  • displays well on any browser
  • accessibility for people with disabilities
  • follow Google’s guidelines for search engine inclusion
  • comply with privacy and spam legislation

WordPress is the best small business platform for SEO

No other entry-level web platform for small businesses can make your business appear as well in the search engines as WordPress does. Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, Drupal, Joomla and dozens of other content management systems just can’t compare with a WordPress site using appropriate search engine optimisation (SEO) plugins.

WordPress (with the help of appropriate plugins) can:

  • target search keywords to individual pages on your site
  • make sure your markup is SEO friendly
  • avoid problems caused by duplicate content
  • mark up business addresses, events, products or other information to look more impressive in search engine results
  • ensure you don’t lose search traffic when you refresh or migrate your site

Is it time to switch to WordPress?

If your website’s due for an upgrade, or you’re unhappy with your current content management system, it might be time to switch to WordPress. Flax Digital will be happy to chat to you about your needs, and walk you through how WordPress can bring you more, happier customers!

Contact us any time for a free consultation, or check out our small business website packages or WordPress maintenance plan.

flax digital can help you switch to wordpress now

Time for a change? Flax Digital can help.


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Alex is the owner of Flax Digital, a website consulting agency based in Ballarat, Australia. Alex has over 20 years' experience developing websites and digital strategy for businesses and non-profits in Australia and internationally.

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