Announcing Website Wednesdays

People have been asking us for a long time when we’re going to start offering website training or digital strategy workshops. Turns out the answer is: April, 2019!

We’re pleased to announce a new series of intimate workshops for small businesses and nonprofits who want to get a better handle on their online presence. On the first Wednesday of each month, we’ll be gathering at the fabulous Platypus Coworking space on Lydiard Street, Ballarat, to share lunch and discuss topics like how to speed up your website, what you need to know about SEO, how to increase your online reach and influence, how to tell if you’re getting value from your website, and more.

Our first Website Wednesday’s topic, on April 3rd, will be…

Declutter Your Digital Life

We’ll be talking about how to assess all the elements of your online presence, from websites to social and email, and how to clear out those that aren’t “sparking joy” or at least making a profit for your business. You’ll come away with a load off your shoulders and more hours in your day.

The workshop will run from 12pm to 1:30pm, and we’ll be providing lunch. We’ll have more information shortly, but if you’re so excited you just can’t wait to book, you can book online now. Spaces are limited to just 15 people.



Alex is the owner of Flax Digital, a website consulting agency based in Ballarat, Australia. Alex has over 20 years' experience developing websites and digital strategy for businesses and non-profits in Australia and internationally.

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